Congratulations and thanks for entering the 2016 Forrest Festival.

If you have not yet arranged accommodation then please visit either for options or for details on camping at the Forrest Caravan Park. Also, there are a number of other accommodation providers outside of the immediate Forrest area. Please visit for full details. 

Following is some important information you will need to know. This email also serves as confirmation of your entry to the event.
Should you feel we have not provided you with some information you need to know, then please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Event Details

  • Date: 3rd & 4th December 2016
  • Venue: Forrest township (directions below).

Getting to Forrest

From Melbourne head towards Geelong along the Princes Fwy. Take the new Ring Road around Geelong, follow the signs towards Colac. At the end of the Ring Road continue on to head towards Colac. Follow the signs to Colac heading west. Continue past Winchelsea and look out for the Birregurra - Forrest turn off to your left, approximately 17k past Winchelsea. Turn left and head towards Birregurra. At Birregurra, turn left and follow the signs to Forrest. Pass through Barwon Downs and continue on to Forrest.

From Apollo Bay: Head West away from Apollo Bay, and take the Colac sign at Skenes Creek. This road can be very challenging so please take care and drive slowly. Continue approximately 35k towards Forrest.


The following times and locations will be where and when you can register.

  • Friday 2nd December 6pm – 8.00pm – Forrest Brewery – Main street Forrest.
  • Saturday 3rd December 7am – 8am only – Forrest Brewery – Main street Forrest

    Please assist us by registering Friday if you are able.

All riders will be required to sign a waiver form prior to receiving their race number. Race numbers WILL NOT be given without your signature. You will also need to present a valid MTBA licence, otherwise you will need to purchase a $20 MTBA Day licence.

Riders that have purchased an MTBA Day licence via our online system, will just need to sign the acceptance of the conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: Any rider changes, or category changes will ONLY be accepted up until Wednesday 30th November


There will be a "slow race" conducted on Friday 2nd December at 8pm... Don't know what a slow race is? Are you good at track standing? Last one across the line wins.  Limited to 25 riders with a $5 enter. Enter at Registration.

Stage and Race Start Details 

Stage 1 – Saturday 3rd December 2016

  • Rider Briefing: 8.30am
  • Start line call up: 8.50am
  • Race Start: 9.00am
  • Venue: Grant Street Forrest, in front of the Forrest Brewery.
  • Finish: Bottom of Henigan Cres (see map)
  • Race Starts at 9am, in the following waves.
  • Wave 1 - Male Elite, Female Elite, Junior U19
  • Wave 2 - Male Veteran, Male Masters, Male Singlespeed
  • Wave 3 - Male Open, Male Super Masters, Female Open, Female Veteran, Female Singlespeed, Female Super Masters, Female Masters, Clydesdale, Super Clydesdale.

Stage 2 – Saturday 3rd December 2016

  • Rider Briefing: 8.30am (Same time as stage 1)
  • Race Start: 11:30am (Riders sent off in 30sec intervals)
  • Riders will be given their start times at the end of stage 1 in the form of a sticker.. Stick on your handlebar!
  • Venue: Bottom of Hennigan Cres (see map). 

Stage 3 – Saturday 3rd December 2016

  • Rider Briefing: 8.30am (Same time as stage 1)
  • Race Start: from approx 12:00pm onwards (Riders sent off in 30sec intervals)
  • Riders will be given their start times at the end of stage 1 in the form of a sticker.. Stick on your handlebar!
  • Venue: Top of Kaanglang road (junction of trail #2) – see map.

Stage 4 – Saturday 3rd December 2016

  • Rider Briefing: 8.30am (Same time as stage 1)
  • Start line call up: from 4.00pm (Riders sent off in pairs 30sec intervals)
  • Rider start group times will be posted at Information Boards by 12pm. Check the Forrest Brewery and the Corner Store.
  • Venue: Yaugher Trailhead, Boundary Rd - (see map)
  • Finish: Yaugher Trailhead, Boundary Rd.

 Stage 5 – Sunday 4th December 2016

  • Rider Briefing: 9.30am
  • Race Start: 10am
  • Venue: Station Street Forrest (adjacent to Caravan Park & Wonky Donkey pub). (see map)
  • Finish: same as above 

Information Boards

There will be two locations where riders can get information during the event weekend.

  • Forrest Brewing Company
  • The Corner Store Forrest

Both the above locations will have information posted on their front windows, including any important communication.


During the event, we will also use Facebook to post information. You do not need to have a Facebook account to access the Forrest Festival Facebook page… simply go to:
Due to the nature of this event, please check the information boards or Facebook regularly for updates.


Day 1 Presentations will be held at 8pm Saturday at the Forrest Brewery
Event Presentations will be held on Sunday from approx 3:00pm at the Forrest Caravan Park lawns.


Forrest has a number of accommodation options. Most of these can be found at
Free camping can be found at Lake Elizabeth, which is a 10 min drive from the race venue.
Camping sites are available at the Forrest Caravan Park- please call them on 03 52366275

What to Bring.

The following items may make your day a little more enjoyable.

  • Camping equipment if you are camping.
  • Money for food (Currently there is NO CASH MACHINE in Forrest), however, most places in town have EFTPOS facilities
  • Eye protection (Grass trees are everywhere at Forrest and they can sometimes bight)
  • Long Fingered Gloves
  • Good attitude, and a smile.
  • MTBA licence if you have one.

There is NO RESTRICTION to the number of bikes you can ride during the event.
In other words, you MAY RIDE A DIFFERENT BIKE FOR VARIOUS STAGES if you like!

What you will find at the event.

There will be a variety of food on offer in town.
The Corner Store Forrest will be open from 7am on both Saturday and Sunday with breakfast options available on both days.
Saturday night dinner will be available at either:

  • Forrest Brewery
  • The Wonky Donkey
  • Bespoke Harvest (The Forrest Guesthouse)

It is highly recommended that you book your dinner options as early as possible.

Real Coffee and Hot Chocolates. Cold drinks will also be available throughout the weekend from:

  • Forrest Brewery (Meals Breakfast, lunch and dinner, Beer, coffee, cakes, cold drinks)
  • The Corner Store Forrest (Located on Station Street) (Coffee, Boscastle Pies, cakes, cold drinks)
  • Bespoke Harvest - Forrest Guest House (meals)
  • The Wonky Donkey (meals)
  • The General Store (Coffee, Cold Drinks and snacks & lunches)

Please support these local business' as they support our event.

First Aid.

Will be provided by our St Johns First Aid suppliers. There will also be other checkpoints out on course and radio communication will be on hand in case of emergency.

Mobile Phone Coverage

Forrest has MOBILE COVERAGE across pretty much the whole town and trail network.
Generally speaking, Telstra phones work best out here, Vodafone can at times have limited connectivity.


Participants are requested to park near your accommodation and or camp site. There is also a great deal of street parking available throughout the township of Forrest. Please refer to this map for more details.

We suggest though… arrive in town, park your car and leave it there all weekend and ride your bike everywhere!

Race Rules

Please read the following rules.

These rules can be modified before the start of the race

All riders must register in person with their MTBA licence and or a completed MTBA Day licence.

Riders must affix race numbers to their bike as directed, race numbers may not be altered.

The wearing of Standards approved helmet is mandatory, by Victorian law, and it is a requirement that all riders wear a helmet at all times during the event, including warming up, and around transition pre and post the event.

Riders must obey the directions (written or verbal) of event organisers, Directors and marshals at all times.

Riders are to obey the Australian Road Rules during all stages on public roads as all roads are open to traffic at all times.

Attendance at race briefings is mandatory for all riders.

Riders must obey all course directions, and are responsible for following the designated course. It is expected that riders will follow the formed line of the trail even if the course is not bunted (eg. the lack of the presence of bunting will not imply a lack of necessity to follow the formed trail)

Failing to complete the whole course, taking shortcuts shall result in the rider being recorded as a DQ. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that the correct course is followed.

All riders must behave in a sporting manner. This includes not using abusive language or behaviour toward other riders and officials, and allowing faster riders to promptly overtake when safe to do so. All riders will be encouraged to report “poor form” and any such incident may result in a DQ result for the offending rider.

Appeals must be lodged with the event Director within 15 minutes of the final times being posted for the event.

All riders must carry out what they carry in. Littering will result in expulsion from the event.

All bicycles are to be powered by human power alone.

If a rider withdraws for any reason, they must notify an official as soon as practical.

Riders pushing their bikes should give way at all times to those riding. They should attempt to walk on the least rideable portion of the trail.

Riders are only eligible for a place in the category they entered.

The event Director has the right to call off the race either before or during for any reason relating to rider safety.

If the race is called off after it has begun, as soon as you have been notified by a race official you are responsible for getting yourself back to the Event start/finish, with the assistance of race officials.

The event Director has the right to modify any stage and or part of a stage at any time.

This race information may change at any time.

Riders should render all possible assistance to any participant who is in distress or danger.

In the event of injury or accident, riders must stop to assist an injured rider, prevent others from entering the accident zone, and ask passing riders to inform a race official at the nearest check point notifying them of the incident.

If you stop to give assistance for a health or safety reason, a time adjustment will be made to your final time. Note that this does not apply if you stop to offer mechanical assistance.

At the end of each stage, all riders will be required to wheel the bikes through the designated “wash area”.
This is to reduce any spread of Cinnamon Fungus, which can be present
Any rider who does not wheel their bike through the wash area, will be penalised.

These rules should be read in conjunction with standard MTBA rules.

Communication Throughout the event.

The Forrest Brewery & The Corner Store Forrest will have an INFORMATION board on one of the front windows.
Competitors should check this regularly for updates, changes and results.
FACEBOOK will also be used at a primary communication method.
YOU DO NOT NEED A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT in order to see this information. Simply an internet connected device.
Due to the nature of the event's spread around the township of Forrest, participants are requested to make a special effort to check FACEBOOK and the information board located at the Forrest Brewery on a regular basis.

Course Maps

Please find all course maps here >


You think it will never happen to you - until it actually does. The points below spell out what to do if you have an injury,  a mechanical or worse, a catastrophe and are well worth reading.

Event withdrawal for emergency purposes – severe injury:
If you have a serious crash or injury whilst out on the course we suggest the following procedures:

  •  If you are able and without incurring further injury, move off the actual line of travel so you are out of the way of other riders and cannot cause further injury to you or them
  • Stay on the course / track at all times - do not try and find your own way to a road by cutting ‘cross country’
  • Seek assistance from other riders as they come past - tell them to relay a message forward to the next marshal and checkpoint confirming your location and suspected injuries
  • Stay calm, use your First Aid kit. Help will be on its way immediately
  • We will have a ‘Sweeper’ following the last riders along the course so they will come across all competitors along the course.

Event withdrawal for non emergency reasons:

If you wish to withdraw from the event because of fatigue, mechanical failure, injury or any other reason AFTER YOU HAVE REGISTERED please tell a race official or marshal. We need to keep track of what riders are out on the course so if you wake up on Sunday morning  (after having a few beers on Saturday night) with the flu and will not be riding, please tell us so we know you will not be on the course.

If you started the race and are out on the course and want to withdraw please tell the next marshal or sweep rider(who has mobile phone communication). MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE NEAREST MARSHAL CHECKPOINT. For non emergency withdrawals we can only arrange for the sag wagon to come and pick you up from each checkpoint rather than anywhere on the course.

If you get lost or lose the trail:
If you think you are lost or have gone the wrong way we suggest you follow these procedures.

  • STOP! Sit down, have a drink of water and assess the situation with a clear mind. Look at your map and consider where you are
  • Think about where you last saw a course marker – how far back do you think it was (200m, 700m or 2km?) Are there other bike tracks along the track where you are?
  • When you are certain you have gone wrong and can recall the last course marker, backtrack along the exact route you came to find the course. Be aware of how far back you have gone and try to limit yourself to what you decided. Use your bike computer or look at your watch for time.

STAY ON TRACKS AT ALL TIMES – do not try and cut cross country back to a track or take a short cut. You are best to follow the route you came in on and go back the way you came.

If there is a fire:
We are in constant communication with DELWP, Parks Victoria and the CFA about the prospect of a fire in the region of the event. We have made a commitment not to compromise the safety of any competitors, any CFA, PV or DELWP personnel dispatched to attend a fire, any private land owners or the wilderness and surrounding areas as a result of the event.

If there is a fire in the area there is a chance that: 

  • The course could change on the day 
  • Start times may vary
  • The event could be cancelled.
  • We have a number of alternative routes that you will be directed along if necessary that will still allow the event to continue.
  • The event will only be cancelled if there is extreme fire risk in the immediate area and it is determined that the fire danger is too great to permit cyclists to go through the course.
  • Declaration of a Total Fire Ban on race day DOES NOT mean the event will be automatically cancelled or postponed.

Any change of course, evacuation or event cancellation for whatever reason, will be communicated to competitors as soon and as safely as possible, through any of the following means:

  • At Rider briefings, when riders are assembled at the start line
  • When riders pass a marshal checkpoint
  • All messages will be copied and placed on the official event notice boards at the Forrest Brewery and the Corner Store.
  • All messages will be communicated through the Forrest Festival Facebook page. You do not need to have a Facebook account to view the page.

Once again, either of these changes would be as a last resort but we must respect the landowners, residents, flora and fauna of this beautiful part of the world in extreme circumstances and we are sure you agree.

Code Red Day / Extreme Fire Day
If a Code Red or Extreme Fire Day is declared by the relevant authorities the event will be cancelled.

Major Rain event.
Should we have a significant rain event in the week preceding the event, we will make the decision to cancel the event.
This is due to trying to maintain the integrity of the trails.

Further, if we have significant rain during any stage, there may be course changes, which will be communicated via the marshals and checkpoints.

Event Cancellation or modification

Any situation that causes the event to be cancelled or modified will be communicated to participants as soon as practical.

Should you have any further questions please direct all enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download this information as a PDF

pdf2016 Forrest Festival Rider briefing.pdf