So many good times.  So many great people.  So much to be grateful for.

We moved to Forrest back in late February 2008.

Self employed in Geelong, working hard with a young daughter having a few ‘issues’ at that middle years stage.  I won’t go into...

We were approached earlier this year to take a group booking for a bunch of mountain bikers attending the Forrest Festival.
Always happy to make registration easier I quickly found out this is the return of the Tasweigans - about 30 of them in fact.
Adam Clayton the ring leader, so of course I asked a few questions!

The Tassie crew have been coming for a few years, back with Scott Bowden and a few others, it was awesome so have the young boys riding up and down...

The event organisers have known Evan James for a few years now and love how he represents himself.

Not too serious but totally engaged, the supportive coach, muso, mechanic, coach, father, weight lifter in another life as well as downhiller, XCO and more recently sticking the the vibrant Cyclo Cross scene in Adelaide.  He does it all and he is coming to Forrest again!  We are excited, but also because he knows a few good people that have happily agreed to join him on the annual trip.

Forrest Festival is not just about Elite riders, prize money or category wins.  
Its a mountain biking brother/sister hood pilgramage, it just so happens you have a schedule where you turn up and ride as best you can on a course predetermined with other likeminded people in your peer group.

Renata Bucher from Switzerland, has been piding her time between Europe and Australia for a few years now.
The Swiss Miss has won 33 x XTERRA wins, in 13 different countries and is a 4 x XTERRA European Tour Champion.
XTERRA is "cross triathlon" which suits her well as she is a damn fine mountain biker, a nimble trail runner and can swim to win.
Always keen to teach and coach in the sport, Renata is finally settling in Australia with a real coaching gig ,allowing her to live a balanced life of athlete and coach in the sports she loves.

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